France Congrès et Evènement Guide Book


France Congrès et Evénement (FCE) is an organization gathering 50 French destinations that use congresses, hosting and organization of conferences and events as stepping-stone of their economic development and their image. France Congrès et Evénement’s missions are to inform conference organizers of the products and services available in the organization’s partner destinations and companies, and provide assistance to promote, inform and support professionals and destinations.

The organization is part of the Innov&Tech collaboration that was created in 2015 to encourage the creation of new products and services, which brings together 40 innovative companies and startups that can offer original an innovative solutions to organizers and participants. In order to better inform and help organizers to plan events, FCE just launched its new 2017 Guide Book. This guide book presents the products and services of France Congress city members and companies in the fields of hospitality and event hosting.

The guide displays the main events, highlights, venues, accommodation options, Innov’tech companies’ offers, and contact information for each FCE member city. The new feature, focus Innov’tech, allows the organizers to come upon the offer of Innov&tech members and make people aware of the existing company network existing in the destinations that are part of FCE.

This guide is a great tool to respond to organizers' needs when planning events and is also a source of inspirations for new, original and innovative ideas for future events.

This guide book is available on paper or online for free. You can find a link to the only version by following this link:

Or ask to receive a print version using this email address:


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